Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Gone Fishin Club on YouTube

Gone Fishin Club

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Great Flathead Caught at Night

These guys have landed a nice flathead catfish while night fishing at Santee Cooper.

Two Nice Flatheads for this guy!!!

Gone Fishin Club member Gary Turner with two nice fatheads caught back to back. These guys were wiggling like crazy and Gary was trying to keep them both up for the picture. He's telling that big one to quit wigglin so much so we can take the pictures and release them. That fish got even though, the larger one on the left flipped his tail as he was being released and soaked Gary good. Thankfully it was a hot June day on Santee. There's nothing like making memories with your family and friends while fishing.
Get Out- Take some kids fishing- I'm not gonna lie to you here- there maybe some trying miserable times taking kids fishing but at the end of the day it's all worth it.

Do You See Those Smiles!!!

They are grinnin ear to ear about this nice flathead catfish they caught at Santee Cooper, South Carolina fishing with Legendary Guide Captain Dewayne Proffit.

He's way to modest about his fishing skills and he is kinda of secret among the fishing clients he has so if you want to fish with him you better book it up. I have a trip a month booked with him so he doesn't get booked up completely and I have to miss my fishing.

You can fish with the Rest or You can fish with the Best and if you have been out with Capt. Dewayne you know what I mean and if you haven't book a trip and you will see what its all about.
To book a trip with Capt. Dewayne of Takin' It Easy Guide Service go here right now Takin' It Easy Guide Service Website

Another Good Santee Cooper Flathead

Here's another Good Santee Cooper Flathead and I know you are thinking.

WOW, this place has millions of World Class Trophy Catfish and you know what your right- OK- maybe not millions but lots. You know why Santee Cooper has so many World Class Trophy Catfish, because people like Capt. Dewayne Proffit and me throw everything over 25 pounds back. Most days I throw them all back unless my buddy Stacy, Dale or Miriam need a fish or two to eat.
Capt. Dewayne encourages people who fish with him to throw back the big ones, that keeps them growing and the bigger one multipling. Around Santee you will see many large fish caught and eaten but if you will throw the big ones back we will always have more, the 5-20 pounders eat just fine.
OK, I'll stop harping on CPR, Catch, Pictures and Release Thanks Gary

Stacy Fleming with his Santee Cooper Cat

Good Santee Cooper Flathead

Happy Fisherman with Good Flathead Catfish

That's the kind of smile a good flathead catch can put on your face. Looks like they caught this one in the late afternoon. The flatheads are starting to move around in the late afternoon as the sun gets low. Do you see all the stumps behind him, thats Lake Marion. Santee Cooper is a flooded forrest and all those stumps can make landing the giant lunker catfish a real challenge.

Big Fat Flathead Catfish

This man has caught one Big Fat Flathead Catfish

Dog Eat Dog World Or is it Cats?

This large flathead catfish has eaten another smaller catfish that looks to weigh several pounds. Large catfish with their massive mouths have been known to eat other catfish up to 10-12 pounds. Now if you have ever caught a 10 pound catfish you know this is no easy feat. That's why you can use such big hooks and baits with these big cats. To read more about catching big catfish check out
How To Catch Big Catfish

Good Flathead Catfish caught at Night

Good Flathead Catfish caught at Night on Lake Marion

Night Fishing at Santee Cooper landed this Nice Flathead Catfish

These guys caught a nice flathead catfish while night fishing in Santee Cooper.
As a rule the flatheads bite a lot better at night because they are more nocturnal than your other species of catfish. They feed almost exclusively on live fish which are easier to prey on at night.

Capt. Dewayne Proffit with a nice Flathead.

Capt. Dewayne Proffit with a nice Flathead he is holding up for his client to get pictures. This is a really nice flathead this lady reeled in.

Nice Flathead Catfish caught at Santee Cooper

Looks like a nice flathead cat
and the cooler has some good fish in it!
Hopefully he is practicing CPR-
Capture, Photograph and Release on the Big Ones

Good Flathead Catfish

Dewayne with a nice Big Flathead

Dewayne with a nice Big Flathead
caught on Santee Cooper at night