Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Another Good Santee Cooper Flathead

Here's another Good Santee Cooper Flathead and I know you are thinking.

WOW, this place has millions of World Class Trophy Catfish and you know what your right- OK- maybe not millions but lots. You know why Santee Cooper has so many World Class Trophy Catfish, because people like Capt. Dewayne Proffit and me throw everything over 25 pounds back. Most days I throw them all back unless my buddy Stacy, Dale or Miriam need a fish or two to eat.
Capt. Dewayne encourages people who fish with him to throw back the big ones, that keeps them growing and the bigger one multipling. Around Santee you will see many large fish caught and eaten but if you will throw the big ones back we will always have more, the 5-20 pounders eat just fine.
OK, I'll stop harping on CPR, Catch, Pictures and Release Thanks Gary

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